Captain's Blog: The Vandalism of Our Workspace

Captain’s Blog Stardate 95721.3

Over the last week, The Olympia Robotics Federation experienced several instances of break-ins and vandalism.

Wednesday morning, the water jugs left outside of our robotics portable were found smashed in the morning. Thursday night, we found one of the windows smashed and the portable broken into. Thankfully, nothing of value was taken or destroyed. We were only missing a fire extinguisher which was sprayed around our workspace. The back door was propped open and it was assumed that the vandals were interrupted mid-break-in and planned to return.

On Saturday night, the vandals did return. Unfortunately, they did much more damage than on Thursday night. They tore down the board that covered the broken window and shattered the adjacent window. Many of our awards on display were broken, pieces scattered around the room. One of our wall-mounted monitors was torn off the wall and smashed. Two of our desktop monitors were also hit. Our equipment and supplies were taken off the tables and were scattered all over the floor. Last year’s robot, Enterprise, was shoved to the ground. Thankfully this year’s robot suffered minimal damages after the table it was being built on, and many others, were flipped over.

We do not condone any sort of vandalism, and we hope these perpetrators are caught soon. We’ve dealt with adversity in the past, and while not to this extent, we always persevere. We are a resilient team, and we will continue moving forward.

Thank you and as always,

Live Long and Prosper