Glacier Peak Competition: Comeback Bot

Two weeks ago, ORF went to the Glacier Peak event in Snohomish. We had expected the competition to be less competitive than other district events, even though we chose it because of the spacing we wanted between first and second competition. However when we arrived we knew that it would not be an easy competition. Teams like Shockwave, Skunkworks, CyberKnights, and the winner of our last competition, Jack in the Bot, were all there.

We started the day with 4 match losses in a row. We were in 35th place out of 36, and if we didn’t get some match wins in the lack of ranking points might have meant that we didn’t make it to the PNW Championship for the first time in the team’s history.  The six scouts in the stands we feeling saddened by the losses and tired after working with the bare minimum amount of scouts. There were not scheduled breaks, and teachers and two members from team 3070 Pronto has to be recruited at Rome’s when Chairman’s award or emergencies in the pit arose.

But then our luck changed. After the build team removed some untested systems that were hindering the bot more than helping it, we had our first win of the day just before lunch; we shot up to 22nd place. After lunch we had a 4 Ranking Point match, were our autonomous succeeded, our alliance won the match, and due to a clumsy error on the blue alliance side we got a free climb for a penalty reward, that combined with a levitate Power Up and one climbing bot, our alliance “defeated the boss” and we had our fourth ranking point. Suddenly we were at 14th place. By the end of day two we had made it to 12th place, and our team was hopeful.

If we could be a 3rd pick by an 3rd or 4th seed alliance we could have a chance to make it to the finals again. Fate had other plans. As the top 8 mostly picked other top 8 teams we moved into position as the 8th seed alliance captain. We did gain more ranking points from this, although we would have gotten more if we had gone to the semifinals and as 8th seed our picks were good, but not as strong as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd seed alliances. We lost in two matches to the 1st seed alliance, not even making it to semifinals.

Overall the competition was not as successful as we had hoped but considering the challenges we faced, it was impressive nonetheless. As Co-Captain Peter Barette said, “It wasn’t as successful as Mt.Vernon for our team, but it was definitely more successful for us as a team.”

We are headed to PNW Districts next Wednesday, so expect a blog update on Thursday and Sunday.

Live long and prosper