FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff 2019

On the first Saturday of January, the 5th. FIRST puts on a worldwide livestream of a formal kickoff event for FRC. All the teams in the world watch this at the same time. This includes an introduction by the founders of FIRST, Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers, then an overview of the game and detailed description of the field and rules. This year our partner, St. Martins University, and our team hosted the event for the third year in a row! We had teams from Tacoma, Chehalis, Shelton, Adna, Centralia, and Central Kitsap. The theme of the kickoff was Destination: Deep Space and it involves robots traveling around Planet Primus loading a cargo and rocket ship and climbing a habitat. This fits perfectly with our star trek theme and we are taking the opportunity to go for the imagery award!

To see the game animation: